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Autumn Scents Fall in Love with

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Fall is here and winter on its way, means scents are in the air! Let your nose guide you throughout all of the seasons. As an intuitive natural scent designer I promote 100 percent that your scent creations are all your “feels” and your memory and imagery of what fall and winter smells like to you. For me, fall smells like trees and spice with a little bit of earth but xmas is definitely anise, orange and lemon because of “italian cookies” mama used to make, yum! And of course pine trees due to growing up in Northern Ontario. Be vulnerable, open, daring and passionate about creating your scents. Make them unique to you. Whether they are just a diffusing blend or an actual perfume, its all the same concept when starting to create the scent.


anna making perfume blends with essential oils

Start with choosing what smells appeal to you or even classic oils for certain
occasions like pumpkin pie smells for thanksgiving or candy smells for halloween.
Classsic pumpkin pie esssential oils:

Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Ginger and Allspice. This is a great starter base to play with. Find your proportions, for example, 2 cinnamon, 1 clove, 2 nutmeg, 2 allspice and 4 ginger. Once you’ve got your base let it sit for a bit and check the blend on how it has married and if that’s the proper combo for you. To check your scents you can use scent strips and of course, if you have none of those, just use some Qtips.

white paper mache pumpkins on pink background

Once you have your base try adding a drop of other Spices ie. cardamon, west indian bay, bay laurel. Fruits ie. orange, mandarin tangerine, lemon, yuza fruit, grapefruit, bergamot. Trees ie cedar, pine, fir, juniper, oakmoss, larch. Herbals ie. thyme, rosemary, verbena, lemongrass. Florals ie Rose Otto,
Jasmine, tuberose etcetra. I suggest to only use one drop at a time of your added oils to your base oils until you get the desired scent you want.


Fall | Halloween Base:
5 Patchouli
2 cocoa
2 ylang ylang
2 vanilla
Maybe add a little anise, butter or vetiver.

3 patchouli
2 cocoa
3 lavender
2 clove
Maybe add a little orange, bergmot , or amyris something smoky smelling.


Halo 60ml perfume bottle

The best base for perfume scents are jojoba oil for an oil base or vodka for spray perfume. If you're looking for gluten free vodka, potato vodka is what you'll want. Perfumes can go up to 100% dilution, so don't be shy to use whatever strength you need, as the strength can change person to person. If you're making this for a diffuser you can premix and drop in the desired drops amount based on your diffuser and room size. 


It’s all up to you! Use all your senses, all five, Enjoy! Tell me how it goes everyone!

Written by Anna Niro

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