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Wellness in your Workspace

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Are you like me and always have a lot of projects on the go? Walking into your office can sometimes be daunting with stuff everywhere, it’s hard to know where to start first. My office used to be about 100 ft.² When you added in all of the shelving and inventory, that space disappeared real quick and it always felt chaotic. 


Now my workspace is my sanctuary, full of oils, crystals and still lots of inventory. The one place that I can go in the house where I’m not disturbed... most of the time. It’s where I brainstorm ideas and I can think freely.Making it my own made such a difference too. Custom wallpaper, pretty desk and a comfy chair, sometimes I don't want to leave. 


white leather tufted chair in an office


Now that I have all this extra space, I'm guilty of leaving things out so I can go back to them. But with that comes the question when you are looking for something, I know I saw it somewhere around here. Sound familiar?

Have you ever heard of the one touch rule? Touch something once and put it back where it belongs. Sometimes easier said than done but when it saves so much time and makes a weekly cleaning session that much easier. Weekends for me are for cleaning, so that when Monday comes everything is fresh, just like the week. Put all the things away that evaded the one touch rule, condense & consolidate.


Something else I do at this time is smudge my space. I smudge everything, my space, myself. It helps clear any negative energy that has built up over the week. I make sure to get all my crystals as well since I use them a lot too while I'm working. I keep ones like Shungite by my computer and Black Tourmaline under my desk. Shungite is said to be able to actually absorb the EMFs while raising your energetic frequency, while Black Tourmaline is an extremely protective stone that will help shield you from EMFs as well as negative energy. Both these crystals can be found in our Wellness in your Workspace set

Wellness crystals on desk in an office

Taking care of your space as you take care of yourself. 

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