Just Keep On Rollin'

Just Keep On Rollin'



If you are currently under the "influence" of essential oils, read on! Roller Bottles are grab-and-go "Essentials" that will ensure you always have your unique Blends of health and happiness at your fingertips.


Roller bottles for your essential oil blends are a must-have. They are affordable, easy to keep in your purse, your nightstand or even at the front door to quickly apply on the way out. The more you use them, the more frequently you will reach for them, and the better you will feel.


The question now is "What bottles, what blends, and how do you gain the most benefit from them?"

 pink and purple roller bottles with rose gold tops and sticker sheet


Roller bottles are the easiest way to apply essential oils to the skin. The rolling ball applies a small amount of oil and distributes it evenly as it rolls on. The oils inside them are already pre-diluted and blended to produce the effects you want. You can let the oil dry on your skin or rub it gently to speed up the absorption. 


Why not have them already prepared for all your needs? 

 For instance:

 A Tummy Blend for stomach issues, a Wellness Blend to boost your immune system, maybe a Sleepy Time Blend for your little one and let's not forget the Blend that you love to use as a perfume, just because! 


Rollers also make it easy to apply oils to your chest, feet, neck, wrists, back or wherever you need to use them. The blends that come to mind that are extremely useful to have pre-prepared in roller bottles and on hand are Muscle Soother, Stress and Energy rollers. 


One of the crucial things to keep in mind is that essential oils do not love light. They last far better in dark bottles that block light from negatively affecting the chemical structure and purity of the oils. You can still use clear bottles but remember to properly store them away from light and heat to ensure the essential oils remain effective over time. Some blends look beautiful in clear roller bottles to show off their gorgeous colours.   


Roller Bottles also come in different sizes for all your uses and needs, and as there are 20 drops per ml, you will get 100 drops from a 5 ml bottle and 200 drops from a 10 ml bottle. It is a good practice to fill your roller bottles with a funnel to make sure you don't spill any and instead save every valuable drop.   




 rose quartz, opalite, green fluorite, black obsidian crystal roller bottles


At Luxe Oil Essentials we have a wonderful collection of roller bottles to choose from. Rollers for women, men, girls and boys in a variety of colours, designs, sets and quantities. Click here to check them out and get started preparing your blends for the new season.  


Keep an eye out for my follow-up blog with some of my favourite recipes to fill your roller bottles.


Until then, just keep on Rollin' :)