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Hand Painted Peony Bottle | 60ml


Hand Painted Peony Bottle | 60ml

This custom commissioned hand painted bottle with peony design is a limited edition piece. You get to choose if you want a spray top or dropper depending on what you want to use the bottle for. Each bottle comes in a box for gifting.

It even comes with a sample of our Luxe Signature Scent that was intuitively created and it is beautiful.


***IMPORTANT*** These are in the process of being shipped so they are currently pre-order. If your order contains other items your order will not ship until these have arrived. If you need the other items, please place 2 separate orders. 

It was made with love and each one is a little bit different due to its handmade nature. It is sealed so the design is there to last but still take care to use a funnel when filling and wipe up any spills right away with a soft cloth.