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White Jade Facial Roller and Luxe Dropper Bottle

White Jade Facial Roller and Luxe Dropper Bottle

White Jade calms the anxious mind making challenges look easier. Purifying the hearts energies, it enhances the love energy in life as well.

Facial rolling has been around for centuries, only recently making its way into Western society in recent years. Facial rolling tools assist in a process known as lymphatic drainage, which is essentially helping you body remove toxins as well as promoting circulation of skin cells, bringing blood and oxygen to the skin. 

Facial rollers are cool to the touch and perfect for reviving tired skin. The cold therapy helps recharge and stimulate skin for a natural glow. It also helps serums and creams absorb better into the skin.

 The dual-sided roller allows for flexibility in usage. Smaller rollers are best for the eye area and temples. Larger size rollers are good for cheeks, forehead and neck.

Each White Jade roller has Rose Gold detail and comes with a 15ml Luxe dropper bottle to make a luxurious facial serum to get even more benefits from the facial roller. There is an instruction card and the roller comes in a soft drawstring bag for storage when not in use.