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The Best Essential Oils to use in your Home for Fall

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"Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves, we have had our summer evenings, now for October eves." Humbert Wolfe 

Brown boots crunching fall leaves

It's that time again! The time for cozy sweaters, warm boots, chilly mornings, and beautiful bright coloured falling leaves. What is it about the Fall that makes us feel so nostalgic? Could it be that it reminds us of our childhood, jumping in puddles and excitingly planning for Halloween?  


The one clear thing is that nature has an enduring influence in our lives. 

Let us embrace the wisdom that Fall brings as nature transforms our world with the sights, sounds and smells that invite us back inside.  


As the air gets chillier, drier, and crisper, our bodies respond. Our skins become dry and chapped, seasonal colds appear, we may feel congested, and brain fog can set in. As we watch the falling leaves from our windows, it is time to embrace the Essential oils and blends that bring the benefits of mother nature into our homes. 

There are so many essential oils out there that it can be overwhelming to know what to buy. To make it simple and easy for you, I have shared my top five essential oils for use around the house in the Fall. 

 1.  Ginger - The "Spicy" Essential Oil 

How does soaking in a hot bath while the wind is blowing outside sound? It gets even better when you add a few drops of ginger essential oil into the bathwater. Or, ask your partner to give you a massage using a ginger-based oil to ease the aches and pains in your joints and muscles caused by the change in season. 

 2.  Cinnamon - The "Brain Tonic" Essential Oil 

Who doesn't like apple pie? Cinnamon Essential Oil will make you feel like you are wrapped in a blanket with a good book. But don't be fooled! Add a few drops to your diffuser when you need it, and it will energize you. Cinnamon Essential Oil boosts your immune system, reduces nervous tension, and improves your mental focus. Brain fog be gone! 


Cinnamon sticks wrapped with string

 3.  Sandalwood - The "Emotional Wellness" Essential Oil 

This essential oil truly brings the outside in. Adding a few drops to your diffuser will make you feel like you are in a maple tree grove with its sweet and rich, woody scent. It is also fantastic for keeping your dry skin hydrated. More importantly, Sandalwood is known to make you feel relaxed and balance your emotions. Don’t we all need a bit of that? 

Woman smiling

4.   Patchouli - The " Grounding" Essential Oil 

The dark, musky smell of patchouli is unique and oddly pleasant. Feeling lethargic? Known as the fragrance of autumn with its sweet and spicy scent that is likened to foliage, patchouli will quickly eliminate that dull feeling of apathy. It is also very effective in treating rough, cracked skin and has been known to help psoriasis and eczema too.

Autumn leaves turning colours along a dirt road

5.  Clove - The "Immune Boosting" Essential Oil 

Clove essential oil comes from the bud of the evergreen clove tree. Its sweet and spicy smell is both stimulating and revitalizing, and it is even considered somewhat of an aphrodisiac. Clove is one of the best essential oils to use in your home as the temperature outside drops. It is known to be used often by dental practitioners. Clove essential oil can be excellent for getting rid of those pesky cold and flu symptoms by blending it with vanilla, cinnamon, or any citrus essential oils.   

girl throwing leaves in the air
So, prepare yourself for the changing season and embrace the natural gifts from the earth that remind us to be present in the moment in our lives. 

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